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2013 Display


Welcome to, home of Christmas at the Fischer's Place -- the annual Christmas lighting display of Tim and Cathy Fischer and family.  We are located in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota in the city of Plymouth.  

Our display features lights that "dance to music" through computer-controlled programming and songs broadcast over an FM frequency (103.3) so you can watch the display in the warmth of your car as you  enjoy the light show.  This "light show" concept was introduced to our display in  2003, and to the best of our knowledge was the first Christmas display in the Twin Cities to do this.  For 2013 we used over 5100 computer-controlled lighting circuits, including both Light-O-Rama and DMX lighting protocols, to animate the display to the music.  For more technical information on how everything works, see the buttons to the left.

Our 2013 display finished the season on December 31, but we have posted pictures and videos of it on our Display 2013 page.


"The owners... love Christmas, Christmas lights, and Christmas music so much that they've created one of the must legendary holiday light displays in the Twin Cities." 
-Clara James,


Many have asked us why we decorate to the extent that we do. This link will answer that question for you.  We hope you'll take some time to reflect on the Meaning of Christmas (please click the link if you're not sure what that means).  You can also learn how we got started. 

Sally from the Peanuts Nativity PageantWe are both music lovers, and obviously Christmas lovers as well.  Thus, we have an extensive collection of Christmas music.  We've highlighted some of our favorites on this page.  We also have a brand-new Christmas Movies page featuring some of our favorites.

Portion of our display in 2008This site gets additions and modifications regularly throughout the year-- to find out what's the latest, see the What's New page


Enjoy, and be sure to send your comments and suggestions to!


Our display has been featured by a variety of local and national media outlets in the past, although in recent years we have declined most media interview requests.

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